My research of the Goodman family so far has taken me back to:

Thomas M. Goodman (1)
( My Great Grandfather - First Generation * 1849 - Unknown )

Taylor Harley Goodman (2)
( My Grandfather - Second Generation * 1892 - 1930 )

Milburn Louis Goodman (3)
( My Father - Third Generation * 1922 - 1998 )

Benny Franklin Goodman (4)
( I am - Fourth Generation * 1949 - )

Photo Library
There are hundreds of photos that were accumulated from family members so I have indexed them with a brief discription.

In Thomas M. Goodman's name, I'm not sure if the M. stood for Monroe or Marion.
These were the names given to two different sons. My best guess is that it was Monroe,
because Willie Monroe was born on April 8, 1888 and was their 9th child. Asbon Marion
was their 11th and last child. Since Willie Monroe was the oldest, my best guess is that
M. stood for Monroe.

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